Accounting and Auditing Program


Trade life and capital markets, progressively increasing worldwide and especially in Turkey since the 2000s, brought along numerous arrangements regarding legal structures and activities of enterprises. Such developments changed society's perception of accounting as a static information system where daily transactions are recorded.

In today’s world, accounting assumes the role of a dynamic reporting system that records sophisticated economic activities encountered by enterprises, provides the demanded, dependable information right on time in order to meet the needs of shareholders.

In this regard, Izmir University of Economics Accounting and Auditing Program aims to train individuals who have a good command of techniques and applications regarding accounting and finance management, independent auditing, accounting/financial reporting standards, internal control, internal auditing, corporate governance, business, and accounting ethics; good command of a professional foreign language, who are equipped with analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, and who are equipped with “innovative” skills in theoretical, analytical, and occupational levels.

Izmir University of Economics, Department of Accounting and Auditing has established an education program intended for dynamics of change (society – sector – technology – university) by integrating theoretical basics with implementation. Courses help the students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through projects, applications, and participation of leading company representatives in accounting and auditing.

Our Accounting and Auditing program, designed with innovative and modern principles, has been accredited by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), originating from the UK and one of the world's oldest and most important professional organizations.

Our students are entitled to the maximum exemption that an educational institution can take from the vocational exams given by ACCA and they are entitled to be financial advisors in every country of the world by taking only 8 exams instead of 14 exams after graduation.

As entrepreneurs, professionals and managers working in international companies in our country and in different parts of the world, researchers who continue their academic careers in the leading universities of the world, we are happy and proud of contributing to the advancement of the economy, societies, and humanity.


Prof. Dr. Gulem ATABAY

Head, BA Department