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Subjects such as risk management, corporate management, internal control, internal auditing, new accounting records, international financial reporting, independent auditing, and work ethics, which are the basics of modern enterprising, came into prominence with the New Turkish Commercial Law that went into effect on July 2012. The accounting legislation that was in effect with provisions unique to Turkey was used to keep records and fulfil the requirements of tax legislation up until now. It has been synchronized with international accounting/financial reporting standards. Also, independent auditing legislation, which was tied to Capital Markets Board (SPK) and covered only 1.000 enterprises, has now been tied to international auditing standards to cover 150.000 enterprises. Likewise, the OECD based Corporate Management principles that was included in the new provisions, has been reconstituted to cover almost all of the enterprises. In summary, accounting and auditing transactions that were carried out with traditional methods so far have been synchronized with new Turkish Commercial Law to mainly and also with the international legislation of organizations such as International Federation of Accountants, International Financial Reporting Standards Board, International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, Global Institute of Internal Auditors, and OECD.

Such developments that are being experienced in Turkey and worldwide increased the demand to employ individuals who have good command of techniques and applications regarding accounting and finance management, independent auditing, accounting/financial reporting standards, internal control, internal auditing, corporate governance, business and accounting ethics; good command of professional foreign language, who are equipped with analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, and who are equipped with “innovative” skills in theoretical, analytical, and occupational levels. 

Izmir University of Economics, Department of Accounting and Auditing will enable you to specialize in accounting and auditing field and help you to become an expert in this field among others who are in high demand both in Turkey and worldwide by establishing an education program intended for dynamics of change (society-sector-technology-university) by integrating theoretical basics with implementation.

Graduates of Department of Accounting and Auditing can work at a vast majority of fields. The graduates can work at financial affairs, financial reporting, internal control, internal auditing, and treasury departments of national and international companies, public accountant companies, auditing companies, appraisal companies, banks, stockbrokers, consultancy firms, Capital Market Board (SPK), Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants of Turkey (TURMOB), Banking Auditing and Regulation Institution  (BDDK), Internal Auditing Institute of Turkey (TIDE), Turkish Institute of Auditing Standards and Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Institute.

Likewise, the graduates of this program will have the opportunity of finding employment not only in Turkey but also in other countries due to the fact that they will have good command of international legislation in terms of common application in financial reporting, accounting standards, and independent auditing subjects. 

First of all, the medium of instruction at our University is English. In addition to this, there will be a mandatory second foreign language course (Chinese, German, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Latin). You will take common Faculty courses such as Mathematics, Turkish Language, Ataturk’s Principles and the History of Turkish Revolution, Economics in first and second grade, and starting from first grade you will take special courses from Faculty of Business Administration.

Throughout your universiy education, you will have several General Education (GEC) courses where  you will be able to make intellectual connections across various specializations, and explore fascinating social, cultural, scientific, and historical topics while encouraged to critical thinking and ethical reasoning. 

The curriculum is established in a way to allow students to specialize in accounting and auditing field mainly but also to cover main courses from Department of Business Administration which includes other functions of enterprises. The course contents have been synchronized with the course contents of internationally recognized education institutions on a large scale. This way, we guarantee the international validity of the education we offer to our students when they seek graduate and doctoral degrees abroad. 

You can have access to the curriculum from the link attached.


It is not a problem. You will have an opportunity to learn English at prepratory school year and make up for your losses. You will sharpen your speaking and presentation skills on a professional level while taking Business English courses on your freshman, junior and sophomore years.

The curriculum includes both verbal courses such as management, marketing, and also quantitative courses such as accounting, operations management. Since Accounting and Auditing is a program in social sciences, it is not realistic to make a distinction between the courses as qualitative or quantitative because the program requires analytical thinking skills in terms of subjects and applications and the department aims to improve these skills through the courses they offer. All courses include both qualitative and quantitative aspects. In addition to mandatory courses, you will be able to take elective courses to satisfy your needs whether qualitative or quantitative.

The University allows successful undergraduate program (four years) students to have “Double Major Programs”. Also, successful students who want to specialize in another field are allowed to have “Minor Program”.

Current information on the Double Major Programs offered by the university please visitthe link attached.​

Current information on the Minor Programs offered by the university please visitthe link attached.​


Through Erasmus program and mutual agreements with internationally  reputable universities, our students have the chance to study abroad, further fostering the climate of cross-cultural interaction, are our body of international students.

You can continue one or two semesters of your education abroad, in Europe and candidate countries, as an Erasmus exchange student which aims to provide cultural relations and integration for university students. Also, your academic staff will be willing to help you with anything for your self-development.

You can have access to the current list of universities that the University has an agreement with and their quotas from the link attached.

You can have access to current information on the scholarships offered by the University from the link attached.

The curriculum offered by the department is based on an “applied” education approach. Therefore, aside from the courses, the seminars and conferences that the students need to attend, will allow them to have an advantage over the other graduates that seek employment in accounting and auditing field.

In addition to this, the program will allow students to be in close relations with Accounting and Auditing Professional Organizations and Public Accountant and Auditing companies, and all other enterprises; and benefit from the experiences of the leading managers of the sector through seminars and/or internships. The principles for the mandatory internship of the program will base on the internship principles specified for accountants and auditors by IFAC-International Federation of Accountants. According to this, the quality of the establishments and institutions where the internship will take place, the applied knowledge (on subjects such as accounting, auditing, enterprising, etc.) and skills (information technology, communication, taking initiatives, making decision, etc.) to be acquired by the students throughout the internship, the guidance by establishment for students, the duties of the academic advisor will be determined, and the progress of the students will be monitored and evaluated.

The graduates of Department of Accounting and Auditing, with our ACCA accreditation, can easily take certified public accountant, internal control specialist, internal auditing specialist, independent auditing specialist, and such exams in Turkey or in other countries if they wish to without having to go through an additional and special education, and get their careers certified shortly after they graduate.

Along with the compulsory ones, the university supports voluntary internships which we believe is crucial in your business education. Through conferences, seminars and workshops that take place throughout the year you have the chance to learn through the experiences of professionals and academicians. By participating in national and international student competitions in the field and by working in student clubs and academic projects you can further develop yourselves. Moreover, through the vast collection of printed and digital materials of our university library you can widen your knowledge horizons.

The fact that the instruction being in English and learning a second foreign language (Chinese, German, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Latin) will give you great advantage over others when you graduate. You can continue some part of your education abroad as an Erasmus exchange student. In addition to all this, your academic staff will be willing to help you with anything for your self-development.  

First of all you are expected to willingly choose this department so that we can concentrate on your self-perseverance and get you ready for an active work life. We expect you to attend your courses and complete your internship. Practicing, observing, and using the theoretical information you learn in real life will make your education more meaningful and enjoyable. We are very well aware that you will be spending the most youthful and dynamic years of your life with us, therefore, it is highly important for us that you use this time by working in various projects along with your courses, taking part in student clubs, improving your communication skills in a way that you develop yourself both academically and socially. 

You can have access to current information on annual tuition fee from the link attached.


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